Delegate Assembly is CEA’s official policy-making body which meets once a year for CEA’s Annual Meeting. Delegate ratio is one delegate for every 50 members which gave WEA the opportunity to have 13 delegates. The president and vice presidents automatically go and the delegates are voted on by the membership if more than 10 apply.   This year no election was required as only 8 delegates submitted the paperwork to be a representatives for WEA. The meeting was held April 24-26th.

Rosie Jaramillo—WEA President

Bob Warden —WEA Vice President—Cert

2nd Year of 2 year term

     Matt Heller— Westminster High School

     Susan Frauenfeld—Skyline Vista

     Amber Gonzalez Cortes—Harris Park

     Debbie Solis—Transportation

     Thomasina Solis—Transportation

     Diana Grosz—Transportation

1st Year of 2 year term

     Gary McKee—Aux Services

     Anabell McKee—Shaw Heights MS