Image may contain: text that says '1st Day of School' I was at Westminster High School this morning.  The first day of school is tough for everyone and during this time of COVID it is almost insurmountable!  I’m at a loss for words or rather – there are so many in my brain that I’m having a hard time putting them together.  Fear, fatigue, frustration, overwhelming; but also, resilience, teamwork, love, concern for each other and our students, relief that some students we’ve worried about made it through the spring and summer and are here.  Happy to see friends, colleagues, and students but sad it’s under these circumstances.  Frustrated that at a time when procedures need to firmly in place, there are so many changing variables that flexibility is paramount.  Amazed at how quickly everyone stepped in to help each other make things work more smoothly.  We’ve started.  Some schools opened more smoothly than others.  A lot of the procedures and protocols are working and are being changed and/or clarified in the rough places. Remember if you are identify safety protocols not being followed to reach out to your principal or AR and please fill out the google forms that was sent to your personal email so we can track them.  Please give each other grace.  You are my heroes.