To All District 50 Retirees:

Heartiest congratulations and welcome to the ranks!

My stock answer when asked “How’s retirement?” I usually say “I recommend it.”

I think you will too.

You’ll also be asked what you are doing with all your free time and as you probably know it fills up pretty darn quickly. I’m going to suggest you spend a little of that free time by joining the Westminster Retired School Employees Association. (WRSEA) The time commitment is very minimal, we meet quarterly for lunch and a quick business meeting. The cost is also quite small, $35 per year. A small chunk of that is contributed to the District 50 Education Foundation so we can fund scholarships to our graduating seniors, a noble cause indeed. I’d say the biggest reason membership is important is because we are eternally vigilant about protecting PERA. You don’t have to be a rocket surgeon to know PERA is under attack and public employees are being blamed for everything including the recession, global warming and the return of Chicken Pox. So think about joining…as I was told when I joined, “we need the “young blood.”

Tom Lynch

For further info you can contact:
Anita Roberts (President) at:
or me at: