Delegate Assembly is CEA’s official policy-making body which meets once a year for CEA’s Annual Meeting. Delegate ratio is one delegate for every 50 members which gives WEA the opportunity to have 11 delegates.  Delegates serve a two year term.  Meeting starts at 7:00 Friday and ends in the afternoon on Sunday.  

This year the WEA delegates are

Rosie Jaramillo—WEA President
Bob Warden—WEA Vice President—Cert
April Sherer – WEA Vice President—ESP

2nd Year of 2 year term

Matt Heller – Westminster HS
Susan Frauenfeld – Skyline
Amber Gonzalez Cortes – Harris Park
Diana Grosz – Transpiration
Debbie Solis—Transportation
Thomasina Solis—Transportation

1st Year of 2 year term

Gary McKee – Aux Services
Anabell McKee – Shaw Heights MS