CaptureThe Colorado Independent examines how charter schools are using a lax waiver system to take a pass on many rules that apply to all other schools. The State Board of Education automatically grants 18 waivers involving laws related to benefits, hiring and firing at charter schools, and this investigation finds the waiver process has even less accountability at the district level…


“Individual school districts set additional policies for how charter schools obtain waivers. Jefferson County, for example, offers 42 automatic waivers and dozens more non-automatic ones. Non-automatic waivers must include a replacement plan explaining the rationale for the exception… But seven JeffCo charter schools’ waiver applications reviewed by The Colorado Independent included incomplete replacement plans, and in 10 cases, blank sheets of paper with nothing but the title of the district policy where the plan should be… Some charters simply cut and paste answers from waiver applications submitted by other schools.”

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