Diane Ravitch  posted in her blog Sunday, August 13, 2017 that one person had died at Charlottesville, where white nationalists had gathered for a demonstration to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.

She mentioned that it was hard to believe that there is so much hatred and bigotry taking place in 2017.  Most of us know it existed but it had not shown its ugly head in such a bold manner as it did this weekend.  She mentioned that despite Trump’s efforts to denounce the violence, he is the hero of the white nationalists, aka alt-right, aka neo-Nazis.

David Duke is there, the dean of loathsome KKK openly praising Trump as the man who freed the haters to openly express their hate.

I USUALLY DO NOT PRINT OR SHARE  HER BLOGS BUT I THINK YOU SHOULD READ IT FOR YOURSELF.  As educators we must enlighten our students and families on what to do to move beyond this hatred and bigotry and not stoop to their level.  If you get a chance read it and share it with others.