WEA Educators and all staff of WPS.  We are in uncharted territory as we all figure out how to manage this pandemic.  It is hard to find words to describe what is happening in our world.  I can describe all of you as selfless, altruistic professionals who always come together to figure out what is the best way to teach our students.  Echoing the words of so many – we don’t know what we are facing or for how long.  The time you are taking to offer our students distance learning is crucial to help mitigate the loss of learning.  Please know that our District along with Districts across the state and the CEA are fighting for statewide waivers of testing so that when we do return, we can focus on learning and not test prep.  We at WEA are available to offer support during this time.  We will work with WPS and CEA to do everything we can to mitigate the affects of this crisis.   Again, thank you all for the superhuman work you do for our students and community.