WEA News

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2022-2023 WEA Happy Hour

WEA members had a great time at the 2022-2023 Happy Hour, there were over 60 members and guesst who attended.    

Andy Hartman received the Mickelson Diamond Award, Saturday April 8 at the CEA Delegate Assembly Award Luncheon.

The Mikkelsen Diamond Award recognizes a CEA member for outstanding service to education through collective bargaining and represents the four objectives of collective bargaining: employee rights, salary/benefits, working conditions and operational procedures. Andy is WEA’s Lead Negotiator and deserves a big thank you for all the time he has committed and the work he has

Happy National ESP Day

WEA is immensely proud of over 20 years of representing the Education Support Personnel in Westminster Public Schools. Thank you, Custodians, Bus Drivers, Warehouse Staff, Auxiliary Services, Grounds, Operations, Paras, Building Aides, Office Staff, Librarians, and all support staff for the amazing work you do every day. You are the backbone of our District, and

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